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“An Overflow” by Clovi Katayi Cilumba (D.R. Congo)  First Prize

《身·影》 摄影 :克洛维 刚果(金) 一等奖

This photo was taken when I went with my friends to visit the new Beijing Daxing International Airport. Its extraordinary architecture is breath-taking. The airport is worth visiting when you pass through Beijing, even if you do not go there to catch a flight. —Clovi Katayi Cilumba

这张照片拍摄于新建成的北京大兴国际机场,这座机场的设计很有冲击力,让人印 象深刻。建议来北京的朋友都去参观这座新机场。 — 克洛维



“Way” by Ewelina Pociask (Poland)  Third Prize

《路》 摄影 :艾文琳娜·珀沙斯科(波兰) 三等奖

This is just a very common scene from the daily subway commute—the difference is that it creates the feeling of time travel. Most subway passengers arrive and depart in a hurry; some use modern technology like WeChat to kill time while they are aboard the train. —Ewelina Pociask

这是日常地铁旅程中的寻常一幕,不同之处是让人感觉仿若穿越了时空。地铁上的 乘客大多行色匆匆,也有些人在乘车的过程中使用微信等现代科技手段来打发时间。 — 艾文琳娜·珀沙斯科



“The Old and the New” by Ogone Serwalo Noke (Botswana)  Excellent Award

《新与旧》 摄影 :诺兰(博茨瓦纳)  优秀奖

I captured this picture to show China’s efforts in reusing old industrial buildings for something sustainable. In this picture, I love how the old buildings are being reused to make new living spaces whilst preserving natural features like lakes and trees. —Ogone Serwalo Noke

我拍摄这张照片是希望展示中国在重新利用工业建筑方面的努力,这种尝试是同可 持续发展相符的。我喜欢这种循环利用老旧建筑物创造新的生活空间而无需破坏自然的 方式。 — 诺兰 



“From Mountains to the Sky”by Agageldi Nuryagdyyev (Turkmenistan)  Excellent Award

《从山峦到天空》 摄影 :阿果舍(土库曼斯坦)  优秀奖

The road leads people to the place afar and helps them connect with others outside their world. Beyond the mountains at the end of the road is another wide territory. —Agageldi Nuryagdyyev

眼前的道路笔直地通向远方,山峦横亘在道路尽头,而山的另一边就是辽阔的 天空。 —阿果舍



“Gates of Beijing” by Menatallah Ahmed Abdelziz Mahmoud (Egypt)

《北京之门》 摄影 :马亚(埃及)

I took this photo in autumn and was inspired by its hope and positive energy. The ancient gate pictured gives us a glimpse into the rich culture, long history and natural scenery of Beijing. —Menatallah Ahmed Abdelziz Mahmoud

这张照片拍摄于秋天,照片中的景象让我看到了希望与正能量。照片中古老的城门 洞让人们领略到北京丰富的文化、悠久的历史和美丽的自然风光。 -马亚



“Little Snowman” by Cosum Sandile Ncube (Zimbabwe)  Excellent Award

《小雪人》 摄影 :桑迪勒(津巴布韦)  优秀奖

It was my first time experiencing bone-chilling cold weather. I was outside with some new friends exploring the wonderful sights of Beijing. As I was walking, I found this funny-looking little snowman. —Cosum Sandile Ncube

这是我第一次感受到什么叫刺骨严寒。我和几个新朋友在外面欣赏北京的美景。走 在路上,忽然在路边看到这个可爱的小雪人。 — 桑迪勒

“City of Wonders” by Karina Okunevičiūtė (Lithuania)

《奇迹之城》 摄影 :卡日娜(立陶宛)

I never thought that I would go so far and visit one of the World Wonders. I’m so grateful that I can share my happiness through this photo and show how I see Beijing—a city of wonders. —Karina Okunevičiūtė

从前,我从来没想过会来到离家这么远的地方,更加未想到有一天会参观这个世界 奇迹。很高兴能有机会用照片分享我的快乐,能让更多的人了解我眼中的北京,这是一座奇迹之城。 — 卡日娜




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